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Real Estate & Title Services

We represent real estate investors, landlords, contractors and homeowners to design, close or litigate multi-party real estate transactions. The firm is affiliated with Fairmount Title Agency LLC, a licensed insurance agent through First American.

Estate Planning & Trusts

If you have assets, you should have an estate plan. Let us educate you and recommend the best. We create wills, trusts and other special systems for you.

Business Law & LLC Formation

Get an expert to make sure your business is standing on the proper foundation. We offer complete start-to-finish packages with everything you need to begin operating. Standard and expedited services available.

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A sample of the ways we can help you

Deed Drafting

Need to sell real estate? You’ll need a properly executed and notarized deed that can be presented to the county recorder’s office along with the right amount for taxes and fees. We handle the process from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for a quick transaction or a full closing, we can help.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is an important component of all real estate transactions. A clouded title can cost thousands of dollars to fix after the fact, or even complete loss of the property. Title insurance protects your interest against people claiming an interest in your property, and ensures that you are covered and defended if your interest is […]

Title Examinations & Opinions

In the United States, “title” or ownership of real property is determined by the documents recorded in a public, governmental index, commonly the county recorder’s office. Title to real property flows like a river–it originates from a land grant, Congressional act or royal patent (called the “root” of title), and from there, the property interests […]

Mortgages and Liens

A mortgage is a debt that is secured by real estate. Anyone with property can mortgage it to a private party for any reason, so long as they have equity in it. The most common type of mortgage that we deal with here at Carson Law Firm is owner financing — where a seller finances […]

LLC Formation

We’ve formed LLCs for all manner of clients from manufacturers to Internet companies to real estate investors. No matter what you’re doing with an LLC, you need an experienced hand to guide you through the process, or risk losing the great protections afforded by an Ohio LLC.

Financing Arrangements

Someone you know has cash, and wants to invest it with you. We can help you structure the deal.

Located in the Shaker Square area of Cleveland at the corner of North Moreland and Larchmere.

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What is an operating agreement?

An LLC Operating Agreement is a legal document that outlines the duties, rights and ownership percentage of the all the members who own the LLC. All of the owners must sign this document. It usually sets forth the financial arrangement of the members, how profits and losses are distributed, who has management rights, and what kind of […]

Cleveland Landlords: Are you compliant?

Did you know that some of that boilerplate language in your lease might cost you thousands of dollars in a lawsuit brought by your tenant? It can happen to you if you are a landlord in the City of Cleveland. The little known Chapter 375 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio, titled “Landlords and […]

Trusts for Asset Protection: watch your language

In the law, what you say can become really important years down the line in a way that couldn’t be foreseen. In this article, I’ll discuss why the help that most of my clients seek — asset protection — can sometimes backfire when the plan actually needs to protect their assets. The “Asset Protection Trust” […]

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Cleveland Real Estate Attorney

Carson Law Firm is a law firm based in Cleveland serving clients throughout the state of Ohio. Our staff strives to help clients with their legal needs through professional representation, sound advice, and transparent, affordable billing practices.

Our founder and principal attorney Christian Carson has been a business owner since he started his first newspaper at age 10 and a real estate investor swinging hammers since law school. We hope to serve your interests better through unique insight that standard law practices can’t provide because they haven’t lived through what you’re experiencing. We have. And we want to help.