Charging order

The charging order: a debtor-friendly LLC law

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LLC gurus have often pushed novice investors to organize their LLCs in Nevada or Wyoming or some other faraway state. The charging order is usually the reason why WY or NV are considered “investor friendly.” Let’s consider a brief scenario. You own an LLC that holds several rental properties worth over a million dollars. It’s […]


Wholesaling: A Brief Legal Analysis

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It’s my opinion that wholesalers are fighting a losing battle with state real estate commissions. Don’t misunderstand my motivations here–I don’t like licensing statutes (not even, as it were, state bar examinations and licenses). The ethics that these licenses are supposed to bring to their respective professions seem never to materialize in practice, and the […]

Mortgage lending

Mortgage Financing Rundown

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We detailed the traditional types of financing available to residential property investors in an earlier post. To recap, when you’re about to sign a purchase agreement, it’s important to consider whether you want the property to be titled in the LLC’s name or your own personal name. Generally, it boils down to this: LLC – Commercial […]