Our Fees

Carson Law Firm strives to quote fixed legal fees whenever possible. In certain cases, your needs may fall outside those offered through our fixed fee program. After speaking with you, we’ll be able to determine if we are able to quote you a fixed fee for your situation. All fixed fees must be agreed to in writing via an engagement letter between the client and the law firm.

Initial consultation fee can cover many services including brief document reviews: $250

Hourly fee for matters on retainer: $250/hr for attorneys; $100/hr for paralegals

The initial consultation fee can be credited to larger projects if you hire us.

Real estate representation

  • Sale contract review with consultation and comments: $50/page, $250 minimum
  • Closing representation of buyer or seller: $750
  • Lender document preparation & closing representation: $1,000
  • Full title search with attorney’s opinion of title: $500
  • Full title search, no opinion, document copies only with schedule: $250
  • 1-owner title search (to last warranty deed), no opinion, document copies only with schedule: $125

Real estate documents (a la carte)

  • Draft quitclaim deed: $300
  • Residential real estate contract drafting: $500
  • Commercial real estate contract drafting: $900
  • Land contract with consultation: $500
  • Draft residential lease with consultation: $500
  • Draft commercial lease with consultation: $1,000
  • Transfer-on-Death affidavit: $500
  • Affidavit of Successor Trustee, Surviving Spouse or TOD Beneficiary: $500
  • Draft mortgage and promissory note: $500
  • File and serve mechanic’s lien: $250 plus fees
  • Remove mechanic’s lien (by filing notice to commence suit): $500

Real estate litigation

  • Partition lawsuit for division or sale of residential property: $2,500 (hourly retainer)
  • Quiet title lawsuit: $2,500 (hourly retainer)
  • Foreclosure lawsuit: $2,500 (hourly retainer)

Business formation & governance

  • Single-member LLC formation: $399 plus costs (includes operating agreement and registration)
  • Multi-member LLC formation (includes standard operating agreement and registration): $799 plus costs
  • Partnership or limited liability partnership formation: $999
  • Operating agreement only (single member): $199
  • Operating agreement only (multi-member): $750

Contracts and agreements

  • Basic contract review with comments: $50/page, $250 minimum
  • Basic contract drafting and negotiation: $750 – $2,500
  • Promissory note & mortgage/security agreement: $1,000
  • Basic employment contract: $750
  • Non-compete agreement: $750
  • Basic independent contractor agreement: $750
  • Land installment contract: $500 plus recording fees

Business litigation

  • Draft simple demand letter: $500
  • Draft complex demand letter with legal explanation of claims and exhibits: $1,000
  • Commercial collections: $1,000 minimum
  • Defend or file a civil business lawsuit: minimum $5,000 retainer

Estate planning

  • Full estate plan package with Living Trust, pour-over will, general POA, healthcare POA, living will: $1,500
  • Full estate plan package with last will & testament, general POA, healthcare POA, living will: $900
  • Simple will: $500
  • Last will & testament with testamentary trust: $1,000
  • Living will: $500
  • General power of attorney: $500
  • NFA firearms trust: $750
  • Transfer-on-Death or Survivorship Succession Affidavit: $750
  • Probate case: $1,500 retainer, flat fee available upon request

In addition to the legal fees set forth above, the client is responsible for all filing fees, taxes, court costs, and expenses.